Rapid series Thermal model stainless steel electric pump with thermoregulated chamber

For more than 50 years we have been building ‘RAPID’ series Electric Pumps, with flexible elastomer impeller and AISI 316L stainless steel pump body

Maximum Efficiency and Temperature Control in Fluid Transfer

The ‘RAPID TERMICA’ series is at the forefront of the fluid transfer sector, integrating the established performance of the ‘RAPID’ series with an innovative temperature control system. Thanks to the presence of a heating and cooling chamber, the RAPID TERMICA series is ideal for handling and transferring products that need to maintain specific temperatures, both hot and cold, throughout the entire transfer process.

The main Technical Specifications of the Rapid Termica series stainless steel electric pump

The main Technical Specifications of the Rapid Termica series stainless steel electric pump

The stainless steel heating/cooling chamber surrounds the pump body and for temperature modulation of the liquids present also allows the use of steam. The flexible elastomer impeller, together with the AISI 316L stainless steel pump body machined from solid bar, ensure perfectly smooth, porosity-free and highly corrosion-resistant surfaces

Versatility and Regulatory Compliance

Impellers are available in a variety of materials, from food-grade white SILICONE and FDA-certified NEOPRENE (CR) to DUTRAL (EPDM) and NITRILE (NBR), to suit the different requirements of the products handled. Each material is chosen to optimise performance in relation to the type of

Adaptability, Power and Ease of Maintenance

Like all electric pumps in the ‘RAPID’ series, the THERMAL model is equipped with a standard fixed speed motor (1400, 900 or 700 rpm), with the option of a speed variator or servo-ventilated motor for inverter application. These features make the pumps ideal for the gentle transport of dense or viscous products. The series offers models with flow rates ranging from 2,700 to 24,000 litres per hour, providing great versatility for every industrial need. In addition, the ease of disassembly and maintenance simplifies frequent servicing while maintaining operational efficiency.

A Reliable Solution for Every Need

With its self-priming capacity and reversibility, the ‘RAPID TERMICA’ series stands out for its efficiency and user-friendliness in a wide range of industrial applications. The wheeled version, with full electrical system, reversing switch and emergency button, offers additional mobility and safety. The possibility of customising the connections, from standard hose connections to DIN, GAS, TRI-CLAMP, and flange connections, allows perfect integration into any system.

The ‘RAPID TERMICA’ series is the optimal choice for those seeking the ultimate in efficiency, reliability and temperature control in fluid handling and transfer.

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