Bruno Wolhfarthmanufacturing process for stainless steel electric pumps and filters

Design, quality control and testing, production: how our equipment is created


Da Oltre 60 anni soluzioni per l'industria alimentare, farmaceutica e chimica

We specialise in the design and manufacture of stainless steel Electric Pumps and Filters for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The company is located in Sordio, in the province of Lodi; it was founded in the 1960s by Bruno Wolhfarth and has gained a prestigious place in the national and international market.

how we work

Our machines, Electric Pumps and stainless steel Filters for industrial use, are the result of an articulated and complex process developed entirely at our Sordio site

The Design activity

The design phase of our machines and equipment sees the close collaboration of our technical sales department with the engineering and design department.

Our work always starts with listening carefully to our customers’ needs, from which we evaluate the implementation of technical solutions to constantly improve our products, addressing the challenges that emerge.

Over 50 years of experience have trained us to understand, study and find the most efficient solutions both technologically and economically.

In the design process of our machines, we strictly follow the rules of hygienic design. The surfaces are designed to be smooth, avoiding stagnation points that could cause product contamination. We use certified materials suitable for food contact, and the easy disassembly is designed to facilitate maintenance and ensure perfect sanitisation.

Our first machines were designed on the 1950s drafting machine, which still stands proudly in our offices, bearing witness to history, our own, of which we are very proud.

And if the first machines were created from this tool, today we adopt the most advanced CAD drawing software for the design that interacts directly with the 4.0 machines in the production department.

Despite the evolution of the means of design, our spirit of research and innovation remains unchanged. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the constant updating of pumping and filtration techniques, ensuring high standards of materials and designs specifically for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The production process

As already mentioned, the processing of our machines takes place in-house; the only exception is the electrical parts and elastomer impellers of the pumps, which are outsourced to specialised printing companies.

A distinctive feature of our Pumps is the pump body, made from AISI 316L stainless steel or titanium bars, for the body of Electric Pumps intended for the transfer of corrosive acids.

At the sawing machine, the bars are cut to the dimensions required to make the bodies of the various Electric Pump models.

This is followed by machining on the lathe and milling machine.The introduction of lathes and the 4.0 machining centre have enabled a considerable leap forward in the quality of internal surface finishing, which is particularly important for our sectors.

Next, the parts go to the workbench for manual finishing and assembly.The welds, which are kept to a minimum, are executed with extreme precision and polished to avoid any point of contamination of the product.

They are mainly needed for the construction of the carriages on which the Electric Pumps and Filters are installed.

After testing, which is carried out for each individual Electric Pump, we proceed to packaging, on a pallet or in a wooden crate; this step is also carried out carefully, to avoid damage during transport. For shipments abroad, the crates are processed and certified in accordance with ISPM 15 FAO. Per le spedizioni all’estero le casse sono trattate e certificate in ottemperanza alla normativa ISPM 15 FAO.

Quality control and testing

Upon arrival at our facility in Sordio, where processing takes place, the materials used to manufacture our machines are subjected to strict controls, then stored taking into account the batch number and date of arrival.

The AISI 316L steel bars are cut on the sawing machine and then machined with the aid of lathes and milling machines, using advanced 4.0 machining centres.

During assembly, measurements and surfaces are first carefully checked for defects, ensuring that they are smooth and compact. Internal and external surface roughness is measured with a roughness meter to ensure compliance with the standards required in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Once assembled, the Filters and Pumps undergo individual testing in our test workshop. This phase is crucial to ensure that there are no malfunctions and that the maximum performance expected for each model is achieved. We use high precision digital litre counters and pressure gauges to verify hourly production and head.

Our commitment to quality and reliability is manifested through a thorough control process at every stage, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards and responds to the specific needs of the sectors in which we operate.

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