Rapid Ver series stainless steel electric pump with inverter

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Innovation and Control for Dense and Viscous Products

The RAPID VER Series represents a further evolutionary step in the range of our stainless steel electric pumps for the handling of dense and viscous liquids, food and non-food.  Based on the solid construction foundations of the ‘RAPID’ and ‘RAPID SANITARIA’ series, the Ver series is equipped with an electronic inverter with a removable keypad that allows differentiated adjustment of the product flow, even remotely. This device enables an adaptive response of the electric pump to the specific needs of extremely dense and viscous products up to 90,000 cps, such as mayonnaise, jam, honey, custard and a variety of creams and gels for cosmetic and food use.


By modulating the motor speed according to the characteristics of the product, the inverter optimises the transfer process and prevents the risk of cavitation and the formation of air bubbles, guaranteeing better quality when transferring dense and viscous products.

The main Technical Specifications of the Rapid Ver series stainless steel electric pump

The main Technical Specifications of the Rapid Ver series stainless steel electric pump

The AISI 316L stainless steel pump body, obtained from solid bar by turning and milling, ensures perfectly smooth, compact and porosity-free internal surfaces, ideal for maintaining the highest hygienic standards and enabling effective CIP (clean in place) cleaning. The flexible impeller and elastomer seals, available in various materials, including white SILICONE and black FDA NEOPRENE, certified for food contact according to FDA regulations, EEC Directive 89/109 and EC Regulation 1935/2004, emphasise the adaptability of these pumps to a wide range of applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.La girante flessibile e le guarnizioni in elastomero, disponibili in vari materiali, compresi il SILICONE bianco e il NEOPRENE FDA nero, certificati per il contatto con alimenti secondo le normative FDA, Direttiva 89/109 CEE e Regolamentazione EC 1935/2004, sottolineano l'adattabilità di queste pompe a una vasta gamma di applicazioni nel settore alimentare, cosmetico e farmaceutico.

Operational Versatility and Customisation

Operational Versatility and Customisation

With flow rates of up to 45,000 litre/hour and up to 3 Atm of head pressure, the 'RAPID VER' series is suitable for various production requirements. The standard equipment includes connections with hose connection, with the possibility of customising the connections with solutions such as DIN, GAS, TRI-CLAMP and FLANGED CONNECTIONS, thus responding to specific installation requests.

With its self-priming capacity, reversibility and ease of maintenance, the 'RAPID VER' Series emerges as the ideal solution for handling dense and viscous products, ensuring efficient, reliable transfer that meets the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

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